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"The bat is gone, but the smile remains." - Willie Stargell

What we do


BCID is automated acoustic identification software for bat echolocation calls. It supports files types from all major bat detector manufacturers including zero-crossing and full-spectrum files. The software is time tested, reliable and very fast.

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With nearly a decade of experience, BCID is capable of perfoming bat surveys in any situation. Whether it's a wind farm in Central America or a pipeline in Missouri we design and perform the right surveys for our clients at competitive prices.

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Our passion in bats was developed through research and this continues to be a focus for us. We always have a few research projects going ourselves as well as often providing assistance to other academics in the field.

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"I'm having a lot of fun with this software! Finally! After many years of simply recording bats...Having the ability to quickly identify them to species...Even though it's not 100% accurate...Is still an awesome thrill. " Al Milano - NY

"Overall...programs [BCID] continue to meet or exceed the performance standards as set forth by the Service, particularly now with regard to Northern Long-eared bat discrimination." USGS - 2015

"It [BCID] performs quite well compared to Sonobat 3’s classification algorithms, but is currently only available for eastern North American bat species" Frick - 2013