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Neotropical Bat Ecology

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Ometepe Island, Nicaragua


May, 2016

C. Ryan Allen

C. Ryan Allen

The president of Bat Call Identification, he brings a wealth of knowledge about bats, capture techniques and acoustics.

Dr. Jessica Sewald

Dr. Jessica Sewald

An educator at several colleges and universities, she brings a focus on outreach education, tropical forest ecology and of course bats.

Dr. Tom Risch

Dr. Tom Risch

Chairman of Department of Biological Sciences at Arkansas State University, he provides a wealth of experience in the region as well as being focused on teaching students.


This class will take place on beautiful Ometepe Island in Nicaragua at the Maderas Rain Forest Conservancy.

Course Overview and Objectives

This course is designed to provide a detailed knowledge of Neotropical bats within an ecological framework. Extensive capturing of bats during nightly field excursions will supplement lecture material; provide opportunity for gaining extensive experience in capture techniques and identification of tropical bats in hand, and lay the groundwork for individual research problems and projects. Students will recieve at least one free day in which they can hike to top of the volcano and experience a unique cloud forest, ride horses, kayak in the lake, hike to a waterfall or just lounge on the beach. The end of the class will include a visit to Masaya Volcano National Park where we could possibly observe a large nightly emergence of bats from a cave. We will then explore the local culture of the historic city of Granada and stay in a beatiful hotel with a lovely pool. NOTE: Rabies pre-exposure vaccines are required!

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