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Have you been happy with your BCID purchase but would like to take advantage of the newest version? If so, BCID is happy to offer you a discounted price to do so. As you know BCID is a powerful all in one application that allows for the automated identification of bat echolocation calls. The software is capable of performing identifications on both full-spectrum and zero-crossing file types produced by all major bat detector brands.

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Two years of upgrades for USD $795.00

USFWS 2024 Approved Version

Currently if you have version 2.8b your software is approved for use with the 2024 Survey Protocol. Due to changes in the USFWS testing programs, other minor versions are no longer acceptable and must all be approved individually. We will continue to send in every minor version for testing and it will be up to the USFWS as to which versions they will accept.