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Fully Permitted

We currently hold USFWS permits for all endangered bats in the eastern U.S. We also currently hold state permits for all bats in Arkansas, Illinios, Kansas, Missouri, New York, Ohio and West Virginia. In addition, if we need to procur a permit in any additional states to complete your project we can do so quickly (usually a couple of weeks). We have a long and successful relationship with USFWS field offices across the country as well as state conservation departments.

Technical Expertise

With nearly a decade of experience capturing bats in the field we have become recognized experts conducting mist net surveys. We are confident that we can find and catch the bats on your project site. We have set up 1000's of acoustic monitoring stations all over the world and regardless of the habitat we will find appropriate site locations distributed across the project area in order to comply with agency request. In addition, we own the necessary software to analyze the data and are able to vet any calls in house.

Top Notch Equipment

We own and supply all of the necessary equipment to complete any job. We have a large supply of bat detectors (full spectrum and zero-crossing) , four wheel drive vehicles, mounting materials and more. All of our equipment are constantly cleaned and mantained in a manner consistent with WNS disinfection protocols.

Simple Competitive Pricing

Because we are not a huge corporation we are able to keep our prices low and pass those savings on to you and your clients. We run all of our projects on a flat rate basis so there are no suprises for anyone involved. This also means no additional accounting overhead for you as prices include everything needed for completion of your project, from equipment purchase, travel, field techs, permits, agency communication and production of the final report.

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