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BCID Eastern USA Features

Species Included


Eumops floridanus

Lasiurus cinereus

Lasionycteris noctivagans

Eptesicus fuscus

Corynorhinus rafinesquii

Corynorhinus townsendii

MID FREQUENCY ( 30 - 60 kHz)

Lasiurus borealis

Nycticeius humeralis

Perimyotis subflavus

MYOTIS (All Myotids)

Myotis austroriparius

Myotis grisescens

Myotis leibii

Myotis lucifugus

Myotis septentrionalis

Myotis sodalis

We realize at times not all the species in your area are available; however, they should still fall into the appropriate species group category. We are constantly working to add species to the software, but usually it is not included because of a lack of reliable training data. If you have data for any species not included and are willing to share, please email it to

Flexible Filtering

BCID was designed with the users needs in mind. Our flexible filtering system allows you to tell the software how liberal or conservative you would like it to be. It also provides you with the flexibility to focus on specific types of calls or specific frequency ranges. Really the possibilities are limitless! Some of the features available in the filtering process are...

Choose which species to consider

Change minimum number of pulses to make an identification

Adjust software to be more liberal or conservative

Choose frequency parameters

Produce filter file allowing the user to "see" what the software sees

Uses familiar terms and settings thanks to help from Chris Corben

Label Files

BCID is capable of labeling your call files so that the information can be viewed in other software such as AnalookW. The user has the option of automating the labeling process and/or entering specific labels for any field available that will be applied to all of your files at once.

User Friendly Output

Store data any way you like

Breakdown of all files which includes species, group, pulses, DP and more

Hourly breakdown of files in a single folder which can be adjusted

Summary of each folder which includes Maximum Likelihood Estimate

Summary of all folders combined and corresponding MLE

Tab which stores all filter setting and species selected for analysis

Real Time Identifications

BCID is now capable of giving identifications in real time. Detailed instructions are provided in the manual, but in short you attach a bat detector to your laptop, tell it what folder to record the calls to and then point BCID at that folder. In addition, if you use it in conjuction with AnalookW you can also see the calls and identifications. This has proved a valuable process for testing the software in different environments. It also provides a great education tool as now you can listen, see and identify the calls with your audience.

Easy Access to View Files

BCID is now capable of producing Anabat List Files or .ANL files. Upon opening this file in AnalookW the user will be presented with a list of folders representing all of the species that were considered in the analysis producing the file. Once the user selects a folder (e.g. MYSO), all call files identified in that session as that species will be able to be viewed. In addition, the files can be labeled and/or edited as normal. All this without having to search for, copy, or move the files of interest. They stay exactly where they were thus eliminating many data errors and time spent copying or searching for files.


Improved output that now allows users to easily view summary results and store all of their settings.

Florida Bonneted Bat

Software now includes the endangered Florida Bonneted Bat (Eumops floridanus)

You can now get identifications in real time while viewing the files coming across your screen

Software now produces .ANL files which allow users to instantly view files containing specific identifications from any folder in their project without having to move, copy or search for the file.


Cost - $1479.00

Good for two seats (two computers and/or two users)

Two years of free upgrades

Upgrades for $795.00 for an additional two years thereafter

Works with zero-crossing and full spectrum wave files using built in WavToZero converter

Extremely Fast! Analyze up to 5000 files per minute depending on your hardware configuration

Personal service and rapid response to any issues, however it has been available for nearly a decade allowing us to work out any kinks.

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